A Comprehensive Guide To Trekking Chandrakhani Pass With YHAI

Are you envious of your friends flooding your newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram with pictures from their recent treks? Do you want to go on treks too but think that may be it’s not for you? Or you have no idea where to begin?

Well, fret no more. Let me help you. Treks in India can be categorized into three categories.

  1. Easy – Beginner
  2. Medium – Advance
  3. Difficult – Pro

There are various trekking organizations which organize all kind of treks. Beginners can book with them to boost their confidence till they are ready for their solo escapades. YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India) is one such organization.

A guide to trekking chandrakhani pass with YHAI

Chandrakhani Pass is a medium level trek and can be easily done by first timers. Follow this guide if you would like to do Chandrakhani Pass with YHAI.
What is YHAI: YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India) is a network of budget hostels and alternative accommodation for travelers on a budget and backpackers. It organizes various adventurous activities like trekking, cycling, natural exploration and family camps.

chandrakhani pass trak wau
Where is Chandrakhani Pass:

Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh at the height of 3600 meters (12000ft).

How to Book:

You can book the trek from the official website of YHAI (www.yhaindia.org). The trek starts in May and continues till June. There are as many as 35 groups, each group having nearly 50 members. Though this may vary. Book 2 months in advance to get a seat.

chandrakhani pass with yhai

How to reach to YHAI base camp:

You need to reach the Seobagh Base Camp of YHAI in Kullu to begin this trek. Buses regularly ply between New Delhi and Kullu. From Kullu town, it is a 5-6km walk to Seobagh Base Camp.

accomodation at seabagh base camp

Tents at Seobagh Base Camp

What do you need for your trekking :

  1. Backpack (optional)- They will provide you with backpacks.
  2. Tiffin box- To carry lunch every day during trek.
  3. Water bottle.
  4. Toilet paper.
  5. Raincoat.
  6. Goggles- To avoid sun glare.
  7. Steel mug or tumbler.
  8. Warm clothes.

These are some of the important things. You can also personally contact them in advance or check the facts section on their website for more information. Even if you miss something, you can always buy it in Kullu.

food during trak

Highlights of chandrakhani pass trekking :

  1. The trek will be completed in 9 – 10 days with first two days set apart for acclimatization.
  2. You will be provided nutritious vegetarian food three times a day with tea and soup.
  3. You will live in tents all along.
  4. Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  5. There are sufficient breaks between treks to give you rest.
  6. There is always medical facility available at all the camps and your health will be of utmost priority.
  7. There are many guides and instructors to help you.
  8. Keep an open mind and appreciate the local culture. Don’t do anything offensive.
  9. Do not litter.

Cost of chandrakhani pass trekking with YHAI

The cost of the trek was Rs. 3000(as of 2014)

See beautiful Picture of my trekking expeditions at Chandrakhani pass

chandrakhani pass trak_view

Down hill and beautiful view of mountain

chandrakhani pass trak

Life in tent at up in the sky

chandrakhani pass trak.mountainjpg

Beautiful view of snow cover mountain

PS– All this information is based on my personal experience. I am in no way endorsing YHAI. I just want to help people plan their first trek and enjoy the beautiful experience. All pictures are mine.

Let us know your trekking experience and tips in comment below.